T U I T I O N 

2 0 1 9-2020

Monthly payments are due the first week of each month, even if you do not have a lesson that week. Monthly payments will begin again in August. Two new options: if it works best for your family budget, you may make either a full year payment (due in August), or two semester payments (due in August and January). The breakdown of payments are as follows:


35 lessons will be given over a 10 month period (August 2019- May 2020). There are no scheduled lessons during the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Spring Break, and two weeks in April (due to travel) (7 weeks total), although makeup lessons (that I owe) may be scheduled during these weeks depending on schedules.


60 min= $80

Monthly payment= $280

Semester payment= $1400

Yearly payment= $2800


45 min= $60

Monthly payment= $210

Semester payment= $1050

Yearly payment= $2100


30 min= $40

Monthly payment= $140

Semester payment= $700

Yearly payment= $1400


I am now able to accept debit and credit cards! If you are interested in this form of payment and would like a monthly invoice, please let me know. For those interested in paying via credit card (Square), I will have to add a 3% fee to your bill. Checks and Chase Quick Pay are welcome, and cash is always appreciated. If payments are more than two weeks late, you will receive a credit card invoice, including a $20 late fee and payment must be made in full before the next lesson.


Summer tuition is due the first week of June for the entire Summer term.  

30 min lesson (@6/7/8/9 wks): $ 240/280/320/360

45 min lesson: $ 360/420/480/540

60 min lesson: $ 480/560/640/720

Recital Fee

Yearly recital fee per student is $50. This includes church rental and piano tuning. Each student is responsible to pay our accompanist for rehearsals and recitals. This fee is due the first week of October 2019.