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S T U D I O  I N F O R M A T I O N 

** Now accepting students for Summer & Fall 2023**


P R I V A T E  L E S S O N S

Students in my studio receive a weekly lesson time based on their level:

30 min lessons: for pre-twinklers through the middle of Book 3. In these lessons, we focus on review pieces to work on technique, as well as new pieces. The foundations of playing the violin: posture, left hand and right hand technique, intonation and rhythm are the focus for the first three books of the Suzuki Method.

45 min lessons: for students who are studying at the middle of Book 3 through Book 6. Many new techniques are introduced at this level: note reading (if the student does not know how to read music already), vibrato, advanced bowing techniques, scales and arpeggios as well other technical etudes.

60 min lessons: for students who are studying Book 6 and beyond, into the advanced concerti repertoire. Many of the new techniques learned at the 45 min level are enforced at a higher level, as well as orchestral repertoire for school and youth orchestras.

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